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    What clients said about us:

    "Sam’s training is easy to understand, systematic, and gives me the confidence to understand this...

    Kalaichelvi, blogger Petaling Jaya
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    "Sam sees the property market in Malaysia from a different perspective that makes you able to make...

    VS Lingham, Self-employed Petaling Jaya
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    "I like the unique concepts taught by Sam. The “4 As concept” and the “P.R.O technique”...

    Ray Lee, Internet Entrepreneur Subang Jaya
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    The Easy way to achieve Financial Freedom

    "The LAZY Property Millionaire” program, a step-by-step system that will take you from buying your first property with none of your own money… to becoming a World Class property investor enjoying true financial freedom… without breaking a sweat.

    The Lazy Property Millionaire system was developed to help the regular accountant, housewife, or fitness instructor become a property millionaire, and all they need is to put in minimal effort and following clear defined steps and tactics. This system will teach you EXACTLY:

    • How to buy and own properties worth more than 1 million ringgits in 12 short months, using proven no money down techniques.
    • How to turn those properties into money making machines, gaining high net income even in slow economy.
    • How to amplify and add value to property in ways you never thought possible, dramatically increasing the returns.
    • How to manage property effectively and efficiently, get the best tenants and charge higher rent, and achieve much higher return on your investment.
    • How to safely leverage and control your finances and advance through the stages to grow from being the owner of one property to 10, 20, 50, or hundreds of properties, starting out with nothing more than your normal salary income.
    • It is a simple proven four component system: “Assess, Acquire, Amplify, Accumulate” developed and delivered by international property consultant Sam Helmy, in a complete learning experience that will hold your hands from day 1 until you reach your actual goals.

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    • The Case for Property

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    • "What makes property so darn better than other investments?" If you have been investing in property, you probably would be smiling right now at the question. If you havenn't, and you are not asking this question, you should be. I believe in the WHY... it gives power. It compels people to act and com...
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