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    How to Avoid Costly Blunders


    “You have to help me… I need to sell the unit today before tomorrow. I will accept ANYTHING!” Alvin said.


    As we stood with my client in his 1 bedroom condo unit on the 12th floor, I couldn’t help think of all the things he did wrong to get in this situation…

    • He was basically over-geared, borrowed beyond his means…
    • Two of the units he purchased were stuck in a stalled project, the developer has abandoned it…
    • He had 6 properties, only one of which was rented, and was naturally struggling with the finance payments.
    • He chose units that were out of his “market class” and he had no idea how to tenant them.
    • He did not add value to any unit, just regular furniture.


    A lot of people are getting into property investment as they are looking for a good way to secure their financial future, and for good reason (Let’s be clear and honest here, the straight-forward pension and random savings are not going to help you in the new economy).

    Many end up like our friend, Alvin, struggling with problematic property, chronic stress, non-existent or troublesome tenants, and left wondering where the plans for financial security and freedom went wrong.


    Alvin acted desperately and ended up selling his best two properties at barely break-even, and was left to deal with two not-so-good properties and two unfinished units, paying mortgage installments for all four and hardly staying afloat.


    He was going to spend years upon years fixing the mistakes he made. The cost is easily in the hundreds of thousands... not counting losing opportunities to be making millions on other successful real estate.


    What he SHOULD have done was:

      • Run a proper P.R.O. analysis before buying each property. It takes five minutes but gives a precise answer to whether it was the right property for HIM, if he could have afforded it, and if this was the best opportunity available.
      • Stayed away from a disreputable developer that hardly had any record (would have found it during the C.L.U.B. research).
      • Selected units clustered within his chosen Macro-location and Market Class, he will control them and tenant them far better.
      • Purchased properties with a better financial package, and maybe lease-optioned one or two. (yes, you can do that in Malaysia)
      • Amplified the units properly to attract the correct tenant and earn good rental return. (The 1 bedroom unit he had to sell would have earned him 6.5% return with only the slightest modification)


      This is the reason why I created this program.


      The difference between the capable property investor who owns 20, 50 or even hundreds of properties, and those thousands of people who are struggling all sorts of mistakes and problems from a couple of properties... is not a massive IQ, or a fat trust fund, or family connections within half the country’s developers.


      The difference is applicable knowledge.


      I had individual clients who owned over 700 properties spread over cities all over the World including Dubai, London, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and yet they started building their property collection from scratch.

      It is the knowledge and being able to APPLY it systematically that makes all the difference.


      This is why I created this system, a 4 component system that takes people step-by-step through what needs to be done RIGHT when buying your first property… to becoming a World Class property investor enjoying true financial freedom.



      “The Lazy Property Millionaire” system was developed to help the regular accountant, housewife, or fitness instructor become a property millionaire. All they need is to put in minimal effort and following clear defined steps and tactics.


      And we are happy to share it with as many Malaysians as we can


      To get started online, access your free training by signing up right here:

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