Imagine that you wake up in the morning… and the expertise, knowledge and wisdom of dozens of millionaires found their way into your head…


That finding great property, purchasing property, and tenanting property has become effortless.

This is What You Get When You Have a World Class Coach.

Sam has been passionate about working closely with people to help them achieve their goals in the property investment business. Unfortunately there are only a limited number of hours to a day for everyone. He dedicates a lot of time to speaking, training and developing informational and educational tools that would benefit people at large, and therefore time for one-on-one coaching is limited and provided to those who can truly use it. The packages start from US$1800 per month.


If you need to discover your purpose for property investment, financial freedom and understand the correct mindset, it is best to attend one of his public introductory workshops first, register for one here.

If, however, you feel you are beyond that stage and want Sam to be your personal one-on-one coach or consultant, and you have your objectives and mindset already figured out, get in touch to book an initial session with Sam.

If you would like to invite Sam to speak at your event or company, fill out this form.


For more information about real estate investment in Malaysia and beyond, check out the Lazy Property Millionaire blog.

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