• Gerald Chuah, journalist
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    “We are fed up with the general knowledge trainings and want a Specific Action Plan that we can follow step by step to achieve clear goals in a certain time-frame. Sam Helmy’s Property Millionaire System bridges that gap in the Malaysian Market.

    This training provides a concise Pathway to Success with a powerful delivery from an expert.”

  • Nick Choy, property negotiator
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    “Sam’s program is the best I have attended. I have gone to four property trainings before attending Sam’s program, and none of them was as good as Sam’s.

    Sam ties property investment with life goal achievement. His P.R.O technique is very important because it makes me more clear and motivated with my investment.”

  • Chay Wan, Interior Designer
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    “Sam provides a complete A-Z system for property investment.
    From the beginning to the Big Boy level, all in practical steps of how to start, how to analyze a worth-to-buy property, and what to do next.
    Great for the beginner to carry the action through.

    This training has the potential to change my life.”

  • Ray Lee, Internet Entrepreneur
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    “I like the unique concepts taught by Sam.
    The “4 As concept” and the “P.R.O technique” for example are easy to understand and to remember.

    Learning and applying the know-how we get from this Expert will help me short-cut my success and avoid any pitfalls/red flags and be aware of falling into any temptations.
    It provides a great foundation to get started in property investment.”

  • Kalaichelvi, blogger
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    “Sam’s training is easy to understand, systematic, and gives me the confidence to understand this business better. What I need to start is only to be brave enough to act based on this knowledge.”

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