• VS Lingham, Self-employed
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    “Sam sees the property market in Malaysia from a different perspective that makes you able to make a lot of money when you take the right actions as taught. It’s a great value!

    The trainings I attended before were full of tips, but not really actionable. This training is structured approach step-by-step which is actionable and also helps me increase my positive cash flow.
    That’s why I think Sam’s program fills a gap in the Malaysian property investment market today.”

  • Lim Lee Sah, Lecturer
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    “I wasn not really interested in property investment but I learned a LOT of knowledge and tips regarding property investment in Malaysia from Sam.

    This training created the desire on me to start investing in property.
    I highly recommend this training to ANYONE because we could be property owners, tenants, and/or investors at different stages and this training covers it all.”

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